How to write a unique blog?


learn how to write a blog by some simple step by step guide

It has been a long time that you have started your blog but still, you are not getting any response. And it is a dream of a blogger to get audience and response.

 Yeah!  You can have the audience by promoting your blog on social media, running campaigns. But that would be a one-sided work if the content or article of your blog is not effective to hold the audience.

Even in the earlier time when I have started blogging, I thought it is just about writing paragraphs and post it. But it is not like that.

Then I have started to follow other popular Bloggers and  I found that their blog has a certain structure, they have their own strategies and that really affects their blog. And I assumed that it is their unique style of writing that grab reader.

So let's discuss those cool strategy that will help you write a unique article.


 Let's start with keyword research. You may have done this when you have started your blog to find a good title first your site /blog. Don't think that you don't need it now.
how to write a  blog?
get keyword research

Obviously, you are going to write an article to help the people. So use the keyword tool to find the out the keyword for the article that is the user is searching for.  You can use free keyword tools like Google keyword planner, Kw planner, Ubersuggest etc.

For example, you are writing about the 'solution of hair fall problems' and user are searching like "How to get rid of Hair fall " or " How to solve hair fall problems".

 So the keyword tool does the work for you it shows the keywords that are people searching for. Hence, you can get the right keyword for your article. And include the keyword in your title and body. It will help people to find your article will boost your SEO.


  It is the easiest way to generate an idea for your article. Go through other people's blog an write the interesting points that you get. Don't copy the content copy the ideas and integrate your ideas with them.

how to write a  blog?
read other blog

For example: if you are creating a fashion blog then go through some popular fashion blogs. Notice the structure, content, the image how they've used them in their posts. Focus on the writing style, the length of the posts.

 Like this, if you are making a news blog or story blog follow the news or story blog that how they have maintained their content.


 Like the structure of your blogging site, the article also has a distinctive structure. It is like:

  1. Introduction
  2. Body
  3. Conclusion

 In the introduction part, you need to say about the content of your article. Make a clear concept to let your readers know about the return of your article. Make sure that you keep it brief about 100 words. That's it.

 After that keep the main ingredient in the body. Make it descriptive avoid grammatical mistakes, use the words that can easily understand.

 In conclusion, you can include the resources and ask their opinion by saying like " what points do you find most interesting or helpful? " "what do you think about this topic ?"

 I am too eager to know if this article is helpful to you. So don't forget to tell me in the comment.


 Try to describe through points. Truly it is a good practice to write with points or step instead of writing only paragraphs. When you are writing about a blog/article you should include points cause it keeps the reader active in reading. 

And also help them to remember the whole concept in a few points.
The plus point of using the point is it won't let you distract from your main topic. So before writing an article sums up your ideas in points and then write.


     AN article with examples is very unique to for the reader to realize the concept. Even some time it becomes essential to provide examples to clear your concept.

Sometimes I also search for examples for better learning.
   When we listen or read something we unconsciously imagine about it and that really affects our understanding. And if the description comes with images it develops the imagination.

 So use relevant images to let your readers imagination more. It too gives him sudden break from a  long reading session.
You can visit ehow or wikihow to see that how they use examples and images.


  When you are in a face to face conversation with someone it is easy to make a bond with your gestures, expressions. But what if someone is reading your post.
how to write a  blog?
be friendly

The writing style, formate may depend on the what kind of blog you have, yet they have a commonness - the conventional tone.

        While writing a personal blog only may be read by your friends,  family members. So write like you are chatting with them.

       Writing a blog on travel to tell what places you have visited what are the most beautiful among them, this may contain a full description of the places still you should use a conventional tone so that they don't get bored and can imagine through your place.

       Though the business blogs are written in a formal style, the conventional tone is maintained to avoid the boring.


         Think a little bit to make your blog interesting to attract the reader,  try something creative that will give your reader and new kind of experience.
how to write a  blog?
think to make it interesting

        Tell your own story, about your failure, how you overcome it. Ask for their opinion or tell them to share their experiences. Share the pictures of your most amazing moments it may inspire them.

So finally when you have finished your writing check once again for grammatical mistakes or error. You can use tools like Grammarly to fix the error. Use a simple clear font style and regular font-size. Arrange the images highlight the important sentences. That's it.

So I hope you may have understood how you can develop your writing.
I personally follow these strategies and I hope this will also work for you.
And don't forget to tell me what points seemed to you most valuable or interesting.

Have a good time.