5 reasons why should you start a blog?


reasons to start a blog

Everything has reasons whatever we do. And there also have reasons to start a blog. So let's discuss those reasons that I felt effective enough to start a blog.

In blogging, you arrange your thoughts in an ascending order to let someone knew about your concept. I believe that people not only judged by his appearance. It is their thoughts that make them unique that makes them different from others. And to flourish your thoughts to give it a clarity you should start a blog. Because we learn every day and develop our thinking every day. And there is a chance to make it by blogging.
elevate your self

More than if you are someone who really cares about your passion. You can write on it and through it, you can create new thoughts and can have others opinion to make your concept clear.
For example, you like gardening and you have a blog. You share your tricks and ideas about gardening and there must be many people's who also have the same passion as you. They can visit your blog go through your idea and they may share theirs. So you will get something new to learn. Thus you will upgrade your passion.
Like this, I write regarding blogging and I want to learn from others and I hope blogging will help to do so.
become good writer

Have you heard the proverb that Practice makes perfect? So if you want to become a good writer you should blog. Even if no one is reading your blog. Even if barely manages to write once or twice in a week. It will gradually refine you as a writer.

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People work hard to earn money yet many people even after having millions of property cannot be satisfied. The wah you help some by solving their problem can bring the satisfaction. A single word ''thanks'' can give you much pleasure than anything else. And blogging can do that. Most of the people are busy nowadays. So they can use their free time suppose 1 or 2 hours to write a blog on a topic that will help someone to slovenly their problems.
become satisfied

For example, a businessman writes a blog on how to start a business, how to grow, how to start with less investment and if it solves someone's problem so he will feel a satisfaction even if he doesn't get paid for that.

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Truly this point is much effective for me. Blogging indeed help people to make their community. Suppose you want to discuss on a particular issue so it might be difficult for you to find someone in offline. But online through blogging you can easily get in touch with those people who have the same interest in the same issue that you to discuss.

For example, I want to take myself. I am from a place where I hardly found someone to talk about blogging. So whatever I have learned from online since I have started I share on the blog to communicate with others who know more so that I can learn more.
It logically happens that when we don't know something but we want to write a blog on it. So this intention to write leads us to learn more, we get miscellaneous questions on it. And when solved those questions we gradually become an expert who is ready to give answers to a beginner.

For example, you don't know about SEO but you want to write. So to write on it to know more about it you will go through other blogs. And you are reading as well as writing on it. So at a time, you will become able to help someone on SEO.
And last but not the least you will earn from it. We looking for the jobs that are similar to our passion. And many people quit their jobs for passion. So through blogging, you can earn and also follow your passion.
earn money with blogging

So these are the points that made me feel that I should have a blog. And I am suggesting you start a blog right now. And explore your self. And if you have already had a blog so feel free to tell me the reason for starting your blog. I will be glad to know that.